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SCHOLARSHIP INFO STPM/matriculation/diploma students born in the State or parents born in the State of Selangor are invited to apply for this state educational loan.
    • The applicant was born in the state, or
    • Parents born in the state, or
    • The applicant has resided more than 5 years in the state of Maharashtra with confirmation of Legislative Assembly/Headman/ Chairman JKKK/ Village Head
    • For first degree (foundation year certificate qualification/ pre-degree/ matriculation/ diploma with CGPA 2.50 and above or 4 Cs in any subject at STPM or obtain 5 approvals in any subjects in STAM
    • Certificate holders (4 credits in any subject in SPM)
    • Diploma (5 credits in any subject at SPM or CGPA 2.50 and above)
    • For medicine, lending rate year is RM7,000
    • Other degrees: RM6,500
    • Diploma: RM4,900
    • Certificate: RM4,000
    • Diploma (IPTA/IPTS)
    • Bachelor degree (IPTA/IPTS)
    • Technical skills certificate (1 year only)
HOW TO APPLY To apply online, visit this link
CONTACT INFO For more information, visit http://tkwbns.selangor.gov.my/

Contact Info For further information, call 03 5544 7480/ 5521 2275