This withdrawal allows you to utilize your savings in Account 2 to finance your education or your children’s education (including step-children and legally adopted children) at an Institution of Higher Learning either locally or abroad.


  1. Requirement as below:-
    1. A Malaysian Citizen; OR
    2. A Malaysian Citizen who has made Leaving The Country Withdrawal before 1 August 1995 and later opted to re-contribute to the EPF; OR
    3. A Non-Malaysian Citizen who:
      • Has become an EPF member before 1 August 1998; OR
      • Has obtained a Permanent Resident status (PR).
  2. Have not reached the age of 55 on the date the application is received by EPF; AND
  3. Still have savings in Account 2.


  1. Implementation Date of Education Withdrawal Based on Education Levels
    1. Bachelors Degree or equivalent and higher studies for member’s children : 1 April 2000
    2. Diploma or equivalent and higher studies for members : 2 January 2001
    3. Diploma for member’s children : 17 January 2006
  2. Study Programs Allowed
    1. You / your children have registered to undertake academic / professional / skill-based / vocational course in an authorized institution of higher learning.
  3. Education Levels Allowed
    1. You / your children must undertake a course at Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Doctor of Philosophy or equivalent level.
  4. Courses Allowed
    1. Local Institutions of Higher Learning
    2. Overseas Institutions of Higher Learning
    3. Distance Learning or Offshore Learning Offered with Overseas Institutes of Higher Learning
    4. Franchise Programmes
  5. Tuition Fees Allowed
    1. Tuition Fees are all charges imposed by the Institutes of Higher Learning including a one-way flight ticket for local or overseas Higher Learning Institutes (only eligible for students who are registering for the first year of their courses).
    2. Student’s Hostel/Lodging Fees
  6. Terms and Conditions for Members / Members’ Children Who Are Receiving Sponsorship (Scholarship / Study Assistance / Study Loan)
    1. You are eligible to make the Education Withdrawal if you / your children do not receive or are partially sponsored by other parties.
    2. For students who have received sponsorship but are required to pay for the tuition fees on their own due to certain circumstances, you / your children are required to produce a confirmation letter from the Institutes of Higher Learning stating the exact amount which you / your children will have to bear on your / their own together with an explanation letter. However, the explanation will be reconsidered by EPF for approval.
    3. For those who have received the sponsorship after they have made the withdrawal, you are responsible to make sure that the Institutes of Higher Learning refund to EPF the amount withdrawn and utilized for the fees covered by the sponsorship, to be credited back in members’ accounts
  7. Terms and Conditions for Members to Reduce / Fully Settle Study Loan
    1. You are eligible if:
      1. The study loan is with a Financial Institution licensed under the Banking and Financial Institution Act 1989 (BAFIA), Bank Rakyat, JPA, MARA, PTPTN, State Foundation (Yayasan Negeri), State Education Foundation (Yayasan Pendidikan Negeri), MIED, Tenaga Nasional Foundation (Yayasan Tenaga Nasional), Telekom Malaysia Foundation (Yayasan Telekom Malaysia)/TMB, Petronas, Tun Sambathan Scholarship Foundation (Yayasan Biasiswa Tun Sambathan), Co-operatives registered with Co-operative Development Department or any other institutions recognised by EPF including study loan between employer and employee (member) to finance employee’s (student) studies only; AND
      2. The Education Loan Agreement is made under the member or member’s mother/father’s name or both and the agreement must be signed on or after the implementation date of the withdrawal based on study level (if the agreement is made under the mother or father’s name, member (mother or father) must be the borrower; AND Note: Student refers to the member or member’s child (member is not necessarily the student)
      3. Member / member’s child is still undergoing the course or has successfully completed the course; AND
      4. The course is allowed for this withdrawal. Access our website or visit the nearest EPF service counter to obtain a complete list of approved financiers who provide study loans to· reduce / settle the loan balance.
  8. Other Terms and Conditions
    1. Pursuing Courses in Overseas Institutes of Higher Learning
    2. Pursuing Courses in Local Institutes of Higher Learning
  9. Frequency of Withdrawals Allowed
    1. You are allowed to apply for a withdrawal to pay for your tuition fees:
      1. Every semester; OR
      2. Every academic year excluding college level of Private Institutes of Higher Learning (one withdrawal per academic year).
    2. You may apply to withdraw once every semester / academic year for each child
    3. You may also apply to jointly withdraw with your spouse to pay for your child’s tuition fees.
    1. Kindly log in to http://www.kwsp.gov.my/education-withdrawal for document checklist before submission.
    1. Should you have any enquiry or require additional information regarding this withdrawal, kindly contact:
      1. For further information, please contact at 03- 6092 5254 / 7320 or email at general@asa.edu.my.
      2. Any EPF Office nearest to you;
      3. The EPF Call Management Centre (CMC) at: 03-8922 6000
      4. Customer Feedback: http://enquiry.kwsp.gov.my