Are you a working adult looking to have a Certificate, Diploma or Degree? If yes, the good news is we recognise your work experience!


Diploma in Information Technology


Theoretical & Practical based programme focusing on the area of programming, computer hardware, web-design, multimedia & other current areas of IR 4.0

*Full time / Part time (Weekends)
**Working Adults with Work Experience are given credit exemptions. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

  • Accredited by MQA
  • Recognized by JPT
  • Joint Award by International Institute Sydney (IIS)*

*Non-MQA Programme (International Recognized)

Various Accreditations

Kolej ASA is proudly accredited and recognized by MQA, JPA, JPT and rated 5-star by MyQuest

PTPTN & Student Allowances

PTPTN loan and Student Allowances will be provided for students who have enrolled

Weekend Classes

Full-time and Part-time weekend classes are available for our students

Registration Fee: RM250
Study Fee*: RM11850
Library & LMS*: RM100
Lab Fee*: RM400
Project Supervision*: RM400

TOTAL: RM12600

SELF-FUNDING (Installment Method)

RM450 x 28 months = RM12600

*Exam retake fees to be confirmed later


January/February 2021
April/May 2021
August/September 2021

Mode of Study: Full time

Duration: 28 Months including Internship

— Assignment & Quizzes (60%)
— Final Exams (40%)