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Bachelor in Business Administration (International Business)


The Bachelor of International Business (Hons) programme will provide opportunities to students who are interested in embarking on careers in companies with multinational environment, and to be exposed to a broad range of international business related units. The students must therefore possess the international business fundamental concepts to extend business across national and international borders successfully.

  • Accredited by MQA
  • Recognized by JPA
  • Awarding Body: Twintech International University College of Technology (IUCTT)

Various Accreditations

Kolej ASA is proudly accredited and recognized by MQA, JPA, JPT and rated 5-star by MyQuest

PTPTN & Student Allowances

PTPTN loan and Student Allowances will be provided for students who have enrolled

Weekend Classes

Full-time and Part-time weekend classes are available for our students

Registration Fee: RM2500
Study Fee*: RM19500
Thesis & Thesis Binding*: RM1000

TOTAL: RM23000

SELF-FUNDING (Installment Method)

RM550 x 37 months = RM20350
RM 150 x 1 Month = RM150

*Exam retake fees to be confirmed later

– STPM (minimum ‘C’ Grade or CGPA 2.0 for at least 2 subjects) / Passed STAM / Passed Foundation / Matriculation
– Diploma in related field with CGPA 2.0 and above
– Diploma or Advance Diploma in related field

January/February 2021
April/May 2021
August/September 2021

Mode of Study: Full time / Part time

Assignment & Quizzes = 60%
Final Exam = 40%

*Diploma / Matriculation leaver is eligible to apply for credit exemption / transfer
*Terms & Conditions apply