KOLEJ ASA was established in April 1998. ASA is an acronym for Advance Student Academic. The genesis of this Institution is dedicated to its vision as an institution of higher learning to the dissemination of knowledge through high-quality teaching to promoting the discovery of knowledge through scholarly learning; and practical exposure to the application of knowledge for the goodness of humanity.

Established as an Institute of Higher Learning or local abbreviation IPTS by Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (MOHE), Kolej Asa has strive to gain local and foreign recognization. We believe an EXCELLENT COLLEGE speaks for itself. Therefore, Kolej Asa is the Registered Training Centre (RTC) for UBS, LCCI, IFA, IBAM PITMAN CITY & GUILDS and IAB. Kolej Asa is also recognised by HRDF (PSMB) as a Class A Training Centre. In 2005, Kolej Asa conducted Graduate Training Scheme (GTS/05) in collaboration with PSMB. Asa is also the Examination Centre for LCCI, PITMAN, UBS, IFA, IAB and we are liaising to become future Examination Centre for various other education bodies.

A college education today means preparation for modern living, and ASA is committed to its purpose of preparing students for personal and professional success in life with its modern facilities and specialized field of study’s provides a holistic contemporary education aimed at developing independence discipline and determination of mind and spirit to strengthen our philosophy’s provides and introduces student to a wide range of knowledge and skills to create a more market adaptable students.

Further ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of our education, we are closely collaborating with MQA ( formerly known as LAN) for all our Diplomas and Degrees programmes. An education is one’s personal asset, we at Kolej Asa understands how much it means to each of our students. Hence, we provide the best education programmes through validation and collaboration with foreign and local universities such at present with IUCTT, University of Bolton, KURSK and many more at a VERY COMPETITIVE FEES.

As a corporate education institution, we are guided by clear values in the achievement of organizational objectives and in the achievement of Malaysia’s vision to be the leading education hub in the region. We ensure that our core business is to provide quality education through professional and efficient services, recognized products, excellent student support and a caring environment.

We focus on creating a knowledge-based workforce by producing graduates who possess prestigious academic qualification, multi-skill competency, confidence and holistic characters. We invest in and optimize resources and facilities to complete our students learning experiences while constantly developing entrepreneurial opportunities through our core business. We continuously develop academic and management expertise while strengthening our performance culture in line with an aspiration to be competitive and productive. We nurture noble management ethics by demonstrating accountability to those we serve, upgrading the quality of employee welfare and organizational work culture, and forging closer institutional ties with all sectors of industry.